About Us

IBS Impact is a grassroots effort, founded in 2010, by people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome who are committed to public awareness and self-advocacy by people with IBS. We also welcome family members, friends and professionals who support us.

Our members and supporters volunteer their time and resources. We are not a business or charity. We are independent of all existing resources, but welcome constructive collaboration and encourage members and site visitors to make their own informed decisions for their individual situations.

Our website includes original content and reputable resources in several countries. Visit and join us at http://www.ibsimpact.com As of March 2012, the Twitter feed can be found at @ibsimpact.  A Facebook page was launched in May 2012 as IBS Impact.

IBS Impact supports the furtherance of peer-reviewed, evidence-based research, treatment and support systems for IBS, accurate to the best of current international scientific knowledge of the field. As much as possible, we make reference to and link to such sources, with which we are personally familiar, or have made efforts to verify through reputable contacts in the functional gastrointestinal disorder professional community. We recognize that many aspects of IBS research are still evolving or newly emerging, and that what is currently considered scientific truth about IBS may change from new research insights in the future.

We also recognize that people with IBS vary in their experiences, that some of these may not fit “typical” patterns discussed by professionals, and that many people with IBS do choose to try and/or appear to be helped by complementary, alternative or self-help interventions at some point. We support the open sharing of diverse lived experiences and perspectives by people with IBS and those close to them, and fully informed choices in this regard as well.  As such, IBS Impact makes an effort to clearly state when information about IBS on our sites or social media is based on anecdotal experiences, conflicting or controversial research, is unproven, based on preliminary results, or is considered by functional gastrointestinal disorder professionals to be scientifically well established, as the case may be.

IBS Impact is focused on IBS education, awareness and advocacy, not on treatment or emotional support per se. Please consult your own health care providers for specific diagnosis or treatment questions. Links to several support group resources can be found on the main IBS Impact site links page.

All content of this blog and original content of the IBS Impact site is copyrighted 2010-2020 by IBS Impact. All rights reserved. Links to us are welcome, but please ask for permission before reposting, publishing or otherwise repurposing our content. A contact form can be found on the main website.

Comments are welcome. You are not required to leave your name, although you are encouraged to do so if you wish. Comments from first time commenters are automatically moderated to reduce spam and quack cure hoaxes. Repeat commenters generally may post freely, though on very rare occasions, may continue to be moderated to ensure that discussion remains on topic, constructive, non-abusive, and family-friendly.



  1. Anonymous

    stumbled upon this site looking for info … great resource

    • Thank you for visiting. If you like what you see, please pass the word along.

  2. Phillip Ward

    Same as above, my story “short”

    I have had type 2 diabetes for around 15 years. How I found out was; I’d had diarrhea for around 90 days, we took a 300 mile road trip & went 8 times yes around once an hr. So I went to Dr. on third round of test – diabetes. My diarrhea would go up & down with my A1C. I had to retire from my last job, as part of my job was training folks, did not know when I was going to have to go, it was not a ? of if, but when it was going to happen on the job. I called it the “30 sec. 2 step” never went out with out a second set of pants. After I had a heart stent I said I am done taking drugs. I am now drug free. To get there; if it is white I don’t eat it, if it is fried, sugar, canned, or meat I don’t eat it. Now I do eat a little cold water fish. Eating like this is 100 times better than living in fear and yes it was living in fear. I would have started eatting like this 15 years ago if I would have known. My BP is now great, A1C 5.3, cholesterol 137 & I have lost over 80 lbs. The diarrhea is around 90% gone. But from time to time the 30 sec. 2 step is back. I still have fear when I have to a fart, for 15 years I had to go to boys room any time I had to fart, as I did not know what was comming out.

  3. caroline jones

    hello i got ibs .can someone tell me how can i get a card please

    • Caroline, if you are referring to a “Can’t Wait Card” in order to use public toilets, one is offered to members of the IBS Network in the UK or to members of the Irritable Bowel Informaation and Support Association in Australia. Links are available on the links page of this blog’s main website http://www.ibsimpact.com/links.htm. or this previous post on this blog. http://wp.me/p1FR35-aJ

  4. Fantastic blog, really have to applaud the great work that you are doing on behalf of us IBS sufferers. Many thanks

    • Thank you for the feedback. If what you find here is helpful and interesting, please pass the word. The more people with IBS and others know of good, accurate information and resources, the better off we will all be as a community.

  5. The name of your blog intrigues me. So many of us are told we have IBS before we’re tested for celiac disease and food allergies and intolerances. I’ve known the head doctor at this clinic here in Seattle for years, http://ibstreatmentcenter.com/. You might find his site interesting. Thank you for your advocacy.

    • Thank you for your comment. It is true that IBS can be misdiagnosed or that some people with IBS may also have celiac disease,food allergies and/or intolerances, parasites, etc.but they are NOT the same things as Rome criteria diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome, which according to international experts in functional gastrointestinal disorders (of which IBS is the most common) is 98% accurate. As of 2013,the current version is Rome III. Rome IV is under development, again as a collaborative effort of international experts. The head of the above referenced center is described on his own site as an N.D. or naturopath, not a physician (M.D. or D.O.) PhD or clinical psychologist (who may have a PhD or Psy D.) Readers are free to make their own choices, however, should be aware that the “IBS” described by this center is an alternative,very loose definition that is not accepted by peer reviewed academic researchers in the field of functional gastrointestinal disorders. When IBS Impact refers to IBS, we are referring to and citing the accepted Rome criteria diagnosis.

  6. Anonymous

    getting a law done was not just Ally. There are individuals and families in every state that advocated for change. Ally was never involved in most of them.

    • Yes, you are correct. This blog has never intended to imply that Ally Bain was the only impetus for these laws, which have been decentralized efforts in each state. It is true that she was not involved in all states. However, as she was one of the early public advocates for such laws in the IBD community, many have come to know these restroom access laws collectively as “Ally’s laws.” That is why the tag is used on this blog to facilitate relevant posts being found in searches. Any successful advocacy effort is the result of many years and many coalitions of individuals, families and organizations, as has also been said many times in other posts on this blog. IBS Impact supports and encourages such collective efforts.

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