Free IBS Network Conference, “The Patient’s Perspective,” To Be Held April 16, 2016

Some of our readers in the vicinity of Sheffield in the United Kingdom may be interested in a conference entitled, “The Patient’s Perspective” being offered by the IBS Network at the Holiday Inn Royal Victoria Hotel in Sheffield on Saturday, April 16, 2016.

This event is in commemoration of the IBS Network’s 25th anniversary as the United Kingdom’s national charity for IBS and will include several sessions with leading U.K. professionals in the IBS/functional GI field as well as people affected by IBS. Diagnosis, working with health professionals, research, diet, cooking, and living with and managing IBS are among the expected topics. The program is free of charge to those affected by IBS and IBS professionals but 25 pounds for those representing or employed by commercial entities. An IBS-friendly buffet lunch will be provided.

The original listing with more details is available on the IBS Network website at the following link:

Thanks to a friend of IBS Impact in the U.K. for passing along the information.

Please address any questions about the above event directly to the IBS Network. IBS Impact hopes that this conference is helpful to our readers in the United Kingdom.


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