IFFGD/Digestive Health Alliance “Advocacy: Why Do It?” Tweet Chat Event, June 30, 2015

IFFGD/the Digestive Health Alliance will be conducting an open Tweet chat on the topic of “Advocacy: Why Do It?” tomorrow, Tuesday, June 30, at 4:30 PM Eastern Time. To see the questions to be discussed and instructions for participating, please click the following link.


This Tweet chat is in preparation for Advocacy Day,  IFFGD/DHA’s annual day encouraging the IBS/functional gastrointestinal disorders community in the U.S. to contact legislators regarding the Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders Research Enhancement Act (currently HR 2311) and other pending bills of interest to our community.  This year’s Advocacy Day will be on July 21, 2015.  More detailed information will be shared on this blog as it becomes available.

As an IBS advocacy and awareness site, IBS Impact encourages all U.S. citizen readers who are available at the above time and have Twitter accounts to consider joining in the discussion.




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