In-Person Support for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in the United Kingdom

After the most recent post on this blog about the relative dearth of support and education options for people with IBS in their own communities (See the January 12, 2015 post), we were contacted by the IBS Network, the national charity for IBS in the United Kingdom. It was communicated that the organization does have existing self-help groups in a few locations, and is interested in starting more in other cities in the U.K., preferably with a volunteer who has IBS in each location to help coordinate the group. The IBS Network will provide information and advice as to how to start a new group.

For those residents of the U.K. who feel they might prefer or benefit from local support rather than the many Internet groups, please see the IBS Network’s self help group page for more information and contact details.

IBS Impact advocates a range of options to educate and support people with IBS and their families, wishes the IBS Network success in these endeavors, and hopes that gastrointestinal organizations, medical facilities and community groups in other nations will follow suit with similar efforts. Once again, readers of this blog are encouraged to comment with available resources or to discuss possible systemic barriers that people with IBS may face in getting access to community services and support.

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