UNC 2014 “Expert Update on Treatment of Functional GI Disorders” Patient Symposium Live and Online June 22-23, 2014

The University of North Carolina Center for Functional GI and Motility Disorders has announced that its 2014 Patient Symposium will take place at the Marriott Metro Center in Washington, DC on June 22-23, 2014. This event, scheduled to immediately precede IFFGD/DHA Advocacy Day 2014, is geared to people with functional GI disorders and families and  will include presentations and panel discussions from a variety of leading FGID professionals on the broad topics of the Patient Experience of Functional GI Disorders, Upper GI Disorders, Lower GI Disorders and Complementary Treatments.  As was done for a similar patient symposium at UNC in 2012, most of the first day’s activities will be broadcast live online, allowing anyone in the world with an Internet connection fast enough for audio, video and chat technology to view the sessions and submit questions.

Those who wish to attend the symposium in person will also have access to an evening reception and a second day that offers time for two workshops chosen from several options, which are designed for more direct interaction between participants and the professionals involved. Because of the more personal nature of the discussions and U.S. health privacy laws, this second day of activities cannot be streamed to an online audience.

For those attending the symposium in person, advance registration and a modest fee are required ($15 plus a handling fee of $1.82 per person for “early bird” registration no later than May 31, 2014, $20 plus handling per person from June 1, 2014 onward.) Lunch and break refreshments are included on June 22, breakfast and refreshments are included on June 23.  Registration can be done online through the third-party Eventbrite site.  Please note that the Eventbrite times are set to Pacific time, while the event itself, in Washington, DC, is Eastern time. Click on the appropriate link on the registration page to view a PDF version of the full schedule.

2014 UNC Center for Functional GI Disorders Patient Symposium Registration

People who plan to participate online do not need to register but can go directly to http://fgidpatientupdate.com/ on June 22 at the scheduled times for any presentations of interest.  A link to log on to the live connection will be added to the event page prior to the scheduled date.

Any questions can be directed to the the UNC Center Coordinator, Stefanie, at sjeremia@med.unc.edu

IBS Impact encourages readers to consider this excellent, unique opportunity to interact directly with leading researchers and other professionals in the functional GI field, ask questions and give them feedback on our needs and concerns.

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