IBS Wellbeing Day in Sheffield, UK November 16, 2013 To Feature Resources and Narratives of IBS

The IBS Network, formerly The Gut Trust, which is the national charity for people with irritable bowel syndrome in England and Wales has announced that it will hold this year’s annual IBS Wellbeing Day in Sheffield on Saturday, November 16, 2013. According to the organization’s website and social  media, attendees may drop in anytime from 10:30 a.m, to  4:00 pm for seminars and workshops on IBS, IBS management and diet, relaxation sessions, consultations to ask questions of experts in IBS, as well as a wide range of exhibitors. All activities are free of charge. To see the official announcement and exact location of  the IBS Wellbeing Day, as well as further updates as the date approaches, click the following link.


One interesting local resource that reports it will be among the exhibitors on that day is Storying Sheffield’s Knowing as Healing project. Storying Sheffield is itself an ongoing initiative of the University of Sheffield aimed at telling the stories of the diverse groups of people and identities found in the city of Sheffield. Knowing as Healing describes itself as a participatory research project that pairs medical students with people with IBS who have agreed to share narratives of living with IBS.  The lead individual on the Knowing as Healing team is Vicky Grant, who, the Storying Sheffield site states, has herself lived with irritable bowel syndrome for over 30 years. As stated in a recent post on the Storying Sheffield site, besides collecting personal stories of people with iBS, Knowing as Healing is working with a local artist to create objects for its Wellbeing Day exhibit. The University of Sheffield also conducts other medical research regarding IBS.

To read the post on the upcoming exhibit, and to access links to Knowing as Healing and the rest of the Storying Sheffield site, see the link below.




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