New Updates to IBS for February 2013

Updates to some pages of the IBS Impact main website have been completed recently.  These changes include the most current information and links on the progress of advocacy for the Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act, known as HR 2239 in the 112th U.S. Congress, which is expected to be reintroduced in the current 113th Congress under a different number later this year.

There have also been new resources added and defunct ones removed on the links page. Various blog content that has proved  to be of particularly high, ongoing interest, including advocacy for the Restroom Access Act (Ally’s Law) in several U.S. states, the specific concerns of military veterans and service members with IBS, and recent changes to the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5 criteria that may negatively affect some people with IBS and/or other chronic illnesses, have now been linked on the main site for greater visibility.

Please feel free to check out the site here. Our goals with the website, blog and social media are to provide a varied range of current, reputable information and resources to people with IBS and their families and friends, and to encourage informed choices, proactive self-advocacy and public awareness of IBS, and the unmet medical or social needs many of us face as a result of IBS.

IBS Impact, as an entity, is not directly affiliated with any other organization, site or research sponsor and receives no funding for the information we post on the main website, this blog or our Twitter and Facebook pages. We do welcome constructive collaboration and value the many individuals, websites, organizations and clinical and research entitities who continue to support, encourage and amplify our efforts in various ways to benefit the cause of IBS awareness and advocacy worldwide

Comments, suggestions, corrections of outdated links, article submissions, and clinical trials or surveys by researchers affiliated with academic, medical, or pharmaceutical entities or reputable organizations representing IBS or commonly overlapping conditions in any country are all welcome and will be thoughtfully considered. Contact links for the IBS Impact founder and webmaster can be found on the home page of the main site, or comments can be left on this blog.  Thank you to all of our readers and followers for your interest and participation.

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