The IBS Cartoonist

Although IBS Impact was founded and is administered by people with IBS and this blog is written by a person with IBS for people with IBS and those who support us, it is intentionally different from many existing personal blogs about IBS , in that it doesn’t focus on a single individual’s own experiences, on management strategies or on personal venting or emotional support per se. That type of blog or forum has its place in the irritable bowel syndrome community, but IBS Impact has chosen to concentrate on awareness and referral to scientifically reputable resources, concrete and immediately useful clinical trial and advocacy opportunities, and discussions of  the broader medical and social challenges and philosophical issues encountered by many of us who live with moderate or severe IBS. As a result, this blog is consciously serious and hopes to attract like-minded readers interested in the kind of news and information we offer.

On the other hand, there is a relatively new blog out there, begun in the past several months, that is unique in an entirely opposite way.  A blogger who is known online by the pseudonym Chronically Me periodically posts hand drawn cartoons about the experience of having IBS. Sometimes we do need to laugh about something that can otherwise be disruptive, painful, depressing or embarrassing, and IBS Impact encourages those who are trying to raise awareness in a way that is non-traditional and therefore may attract attention. A new cartoon was just posted about a week and a half ago. Feel free to check it out, for a few moments of tasteful inside humor about IBS from one of our own.

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