Online Research Study: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Diet and Lifestyle

The following short online study is posted with the permission of Brittany Craig, a graduate student in nutrition at New York University, who is conducting this research under supervision as part of her degree requirements. This anonymous survey is open to anyone with IBS in any country who is at least 18 years old. The questions focus on severity of symptoms, stress levels, physical activity, and diet.  The link below will remain active for approximately one month after this post.  Any questions or concerns regarding this study should be directed to Brittany Craig, her instructor, or NYU at the contact emails on the first screen of this survey.

Previous posts on open clinical trials for IBS can be found by clicking the clinical trials category in the blog archives on the upper right sidebar of this blog. We also have a page for IBS studies on the main IBS Impact site, which was last updated in October 2012. The research and links pages and the July 26, 2011  post provide additional general resources.

We welcome researchers affiliated with academic, medical or pharmaceutical entities, or reputable organizations representing IBS or commonly overlapping conditions, to contact us directly with additional studies they wish to be considered for posting. Contact links for the founder/listowner and the webmaster can be found on the home page of the main IBS Impact website.

IBS Impact makes these study announcements available for general information,  and encourages its members and site visitors to make their own individual, informed choices about their potential participation in any study.  IBS Impact, as an entity, is not directly affiliated with any research sponsor and receives no funding from any source for studies or links we feature on this blog, the main site or social media.

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