U.S. Federal Budget Extension Temporarily Delays Potential National Institutes of Health Cuts

About two and a half weeks ago, this blog posted an alert regarding the U.S federal budget, which affects research funding to the National Institutes of Health. IFFGD/the Digestive Health Alliance reports that a temporary budget extension is now in effect. Below are excerpts of the IFFGD/DHA update on this issue.

On Friday, September 28, 2012, the President signed into law a six month budget extension. This continuing resolution was passed by the House of Representatives on September 13 and the Senate on September 22.

Though Congress aims for an appropriations bill to fund an entire fiscal year, continuing resolutions are a common occurrence […]

The continuing resolution agreed upon by the 112th Congress is based on funding levels agreed to in last year’s bipartisan Budget Control Act and will fund federal programs through March 27, 2013 at near current levels.

This temporarily alleviates the threat to NIH funding, but an automatic 7.8% cut is still possible. This cut, equal to billions of dollars for the NIH, will go into effect next year unless Congress passes an alternative plan to meet deficit reduction targets. This is part of what the 113th Congress and sitting President will consider once budget considerations resume next year.
The Capwiz alert for this budget issue that was linked in IBS Impact’s previous post, and allowed individuals to contact their legislators, has been deactivated on the IFFGD Legislative Action Center page for the time being. IFFGD/DHA plans to renew its advocacy efforts in this direction early next year. IBS Impact will follow developments as they occur and encourage readers to get involved at the appropriate time.

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