The Genesis of IBS Impact

Welcome to the IBS Impact blog. Since this is the first post, you are probably wondering who or what IBS Impact is, perhaps what self-advocacy and awareness mean, and why IBS Impact came into being. There are many answers to those questions that the posts on this blog will address over time, but we’ll start with the basics.

IBS Impact is a small, grassroots group of people from a few different countries who have irritable bowel syndrome. We also welcome family and friends of people with IBS, as well as professionals who work with people with IBS. A few of our members identify themselves as more than one of the above. We have a website and a Yahoo Groups listserv for discussion. We are specifically focused on greater public awareness and encouraging our peers with this extremely common but often embarrassing medical condition “out of the closet” to organize as a community with our real names to address the medical and societal needs that many people with IBS have difficulty getting met adequately: accurate and up to date information about IBS treatment, research, community support, awareness, employment, education and disability benefit issues, or whatever interests members might express and have skills or contacts to tap productively for the cause.

We are not a support group nor a place to discuss treatment options. There are variety of existing resources if that is your primary interest or need. We provide links to many reputable ones, not quacks, on our site for our visitors and members to explore and make their own informed choices. We are not a business or charity and volunteer our own time and resources.

IBS Impact’s founder is a person with IBS who continues to struggle with chronic symptoms, but who has chosen to channel the frustrations, doubts, and unmet needs of that experience in constructive ways toward a better future for all with IBS. Her search for like-minded individuals resulted in IBS Impact. Over time, we hope to reach our vision of a vibrant, proactive community of peers and a world in which IBS and those who struggle with it get the widespread recognition, respect and support we deserve.

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